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This is just a place for me to say what I am doing, 2011 is also my first year of triathlon

Cairo and Tewkesbury, not a good mash up

dbristowby dbristowJun 2nd 2011
So on the 22nd May I ran the Tewkesbury half marathon, the plan was to run it quick (by my standards - this would be just sub 2hr, I am not built for speed!) to get a guage of speed I could run at for future Olympic distance triathlons and the Virtuvian later in the year. What was not on the plan was the business trip to Cairo the week before which usually involves long days and no opportunity to train. What I didn't expect on the Sunday morning before the race were major stomach issues that meant I was very dehydrated and could take in no nutrition. Still I thought, I am going to do the run. After the fist 2 miles I felt fine and then it all went **** up. I have never struggled and had to walk so much in a half marathon before, finally I managed to stumble across the finishing line (motivated by not wanting to finish last) in a time of 02:54. The only positive was that I managed to force myself across the line somehow. I was back in Cairo the following week, made sure that I got time to train and watch what I eat. This weekend I have the Dragon Ride, hopefully I will have no issues - but at least I know I have the determination to get through no matter what..
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