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debbiepby debbiepApr 14th 2013
I currently feel very upset I have come to the bitter realisation that I won't be able to run Belfast Marathon.

My shoulder is no better, even with physio and I find run/walk unbearable with the pain. It doesn't help that I have a nerve impingement which is making arm/hand go numb or spasms.

I know it's the right decision but my heart feels very heavy at writing this.

If this was my only event then I would of gone for it and sorted things out later, but as you know I want to complete eight events so I have to be sensible and listen to my head not my heart.

For all you kind people who have sponsored me I will find another event to replace this.

What's the next step? Probably a trip back to doctor.

Tim read a quote on Facebook if plan A fails, don't stress there are twenty five other letters in the alphabet.

I will write when I have more news, hopefully positive.
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Apr 14th 2013 10:44
Ahh Debbie, big hugs xx

You're totally doing the right thing and I love the alphabet quote. Fingers crossed on getting your shoulder sorted out soon.
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