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Part Timer
Part Timer
The lads as school who have to occupy themselves during games throwing discuss, javelin and shotput! That was me, a long, long time ago. So not a good start to my sporting career. Basically, I've never been good at sport. Trying to make up for it now in enthusiasm.

long time

doogiecby doogiecApr 19th 2012
it's 17 months since my last blog, so here is a quick summary of that time....

Now I've done a couple of half marathons! Not the worlds greatest times, but both under 2 hours.

Cycling is more frequent, but not the distances I was putting out. 2/3 hours on tthe bike was a regular thing for me back then. Have benefited from a change of job, so my commuting time has been reduced from an hour in the car, to now 15 minutes on the bike. I have been going the long way round more often this year. So doing an average of 10 to 12 miles a few times a week. Have no excuse not to put the time to good use.

Swimming almost non existant. Building it up again, with the help of the rowing machine a couple of times a week to regain some upper body strength.

Thats pretty much brought me up to date. Lets not make it 17 months before the next post!
On the Up
doogiecby doogiec Nov 24th 2010
This has been a dismal season for me. Bronchitis for my key race, the Bournemouth Triathlon, couple of dodgy 10k run races, and cancellation of the littledown triathlon. So have picked it up a bit now that the season is over. Just completed the W...
Half Ironman Readiness test
doogiecby doogiec Sep 21st 2010
The 12 mile run last night convinced me I was not ready. I thought the test would be a good one as I'd done a long and very hilly bike ride with the lads the day before. With places still available on the half iron man distance race, I was desper...
Bob Flemming
doogiecby doogiec Jun 16th 2010
Do you remember Bob Flemming from the Fast Show? Well thats been me for the last 3 weeks Can't stop wheezing and coughing It's been murder to be honest, playing havoc with my season Think I'm allergic to England!! Arse...
doogiecby doogiec Mar 15th 2010
You know as i was putting in a hill running session today, i copied/pasted a session from last week. Then, when i went to put in some comments, i noticed that I was remving one sting of excuses, and replacing with them more!! What the hell am i th...
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