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Road to Greatness
Road to Greatness
Hi my name is Drew, I started my officail road to triathlon greatness today, I used to be a national standard swimmer and now am a professional swimming coach but really have a need to satisfy the competitive animal inside me so the 1st Jan 2010 is my training day 1 (thats today as im writing this) and we'll see how far i can get. I will try to blog every day to let everybody read about my efforts... That sounds very presumptuous to think that even one person will read my blogs but I suppose thats the idea.

First Double

drew100flyby drew100flyJan 3rd 2011
Hi again guys,

Apologies for no post yesterday, but thats a risk I'm afraid I will run because I'm a professional swimming coach and had a training camp to coach on at Manchester with the ASA from 6AM to 4PM with work to do for the club that I am the head coach of. There was an hour of travelling either side of the camp as I live in Preston. Today however, I'v trained much more than at any time in the last 5 years since I stopped swimming competitively. I managed to crack out a half hour run and hit 5KM, this was including 5 mins warm up and 5 mins cool down so although I'm sure its not very impressive I was pleased with it. I continued on to do a range of upper body exercises just starting to build a base so did 20 reps on 6 exercises with free weights. This was a really great training session and was realy pleased but I wanted to get some more aerobic exercise in today and see what I could do so me and a friend went out and got in a 20 mile cycle in 1h18mins so averaging 15mph or thereabouts which will hopefully progress pretty quickly.

Apologies for the brief overview but I will endevour to be more insightful when I have more time, thanks for following if anybody is.

The photos I talked about on my first post will hopefully insue tomorrow when I get my camera back from a friends car and can begin taking and uploading them to give some visual feedback.

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