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Matt's multisport musings...
Matt's multisport musings...

Out of the naughties...

edwarmaby edwarmaDec 30th 2009
And what's the next decade called? I still haven't worked that one out.

If like me you're planning your assualt on the 2010 triathlon season, some of these thoughts might be rattling round your mind...

- this year I'm going to learn how to swim/bike/run properly
- I'm going to be disciplined about my training
- I'm going to do more hours and work harder

And what's missing from this, what's the fundamental part of getting better that as athletes we all need to take seriously?

That's right - cake

Well ok not just cake, but rest and recovery generally.

It's not training that makes you better, it's the adaptations your body makes to the stresses of training. And this adaptation can only take place if you recover from all those morning swims, chilly bike rides and long runs.

So as part of your thinking for 2010, it's worth considering how much you know about recovery - do you know what to eat and when? What is a 'recovery session'? How do you know when you're ready to get back to training? What signs does your body give you if you're pushing things too hard?

Just as an experiment, it's worth talking to athletes who you know who:
- seem to stay injury and illness-free
- enjoy their training
- achieve their goals
- are energetic and able to stay physically and mentally strong all through their training sessions and races

If you know someone like this, talk to them. It's very likely that, either consciously or unconsciously, they have a good approach to rest and recovery and might be able to help you learn about how you can improve.

If they're really good athletes, they will also have cake recipies you can steal!

Happy New Year!
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