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Matt's multisport musings...
Matt's multisport musings...

Swim swimeny swim swim

edwarmaby edwarmaNov 6th 2009
Blaming Chrissie Waple for the Mary Poppins sound track to the latter part of this week.

November, I read somewhere, is dolphin month, so it's at least 3 swims a week from now on, mostly at the largely-empty Easton pool. Occasional need to scare off some breast-strokers but with my choice of swimwear that's not too hard...

Have also been inheriting my wife's detox diet, which means eating things like "lentils" and "not having any sausages" and combined with some good sleep it does feel good!

NLP has been high on the agenda this week too, with the practitioner course and BTF both getting in on the noggin-bending action. The map is not the territory (ask me what it means!).

As for the weekend...Blair witch tonight, Club ride tomorrow morning, BAD Kids tomorrow afternoon, dinner for some of my cleb chums saturday night, then a swim/run sunday morning and a big bonfire bash in incestual Barrow Gurney in the afternoon. Apart from the promise of 'hot cider' (vomit) it sounds about perfect...
maidayby member: maiday, Nov 6th 2009 11:10
Busy weekend for you then!

At least you don't have to work with Chrissie!!!! Mind you she doesn't get us singing so were OK really!
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