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Hello I am a former swimmer (about 15 years ago) turned Triathlete. Got into Triathlon in spring 08, as part of a get fit campaign trained hard all winter. Instantly got the bug & now starting to enter events.

This Weeks Training Summary

eggmanby eggmanMay 15th 2009
It has been pretty quiet training wise this week. I seem to have picked up a little niggle around my left ankle from the weekend. Went out for a fairly mid tempo 4.5mile run on wednesday which really seemed to aggrivate it, so im gonna rest up & have a few days of no running to see if that helps. Was in the pool last night, first time for a few weeks due to holidays etc..but felt quite good. Decided to do the whole session with my pull bouy in as i didnt want to further agitate my leg. I would say i gave about 80% effort last night & altho i was doing pull i seemed to be going through the water quite well. After a lengthy warm up the main set was:

3x400m @ 3.8km pace (Around 6min)

3x200m @ 1500m pace (around 2:50)

3x100m @Threshhold Pace (around 1:17)

3x50m @Vo2 Max (around 36 secs)

We then did a set of 20m Sprints from a static start, which was even more harder with the pull bouy in.

Want to get out on the bike today, Im fortunate enough to have a out door Velodrome right by where i work, which is great for getting up into the big gears & spinning, having no traffic or braking to worry about makes for alot easier ride.

No training at the weekend, got a lot of family stuff going on Christenings / partys etc...just just gong to relax and enjoy it. Hopefully my ankle would be well rested by then & i can get back out running.

until then
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