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How Fast for Ironman?
I general blog on training volumes each week in build up to Ironman Wales 2012 and to see how far can push the body in terms of speed over distance.

How fast can I go?

endurancepusherby endurancepusherAug 20th 2011
As a first real go at Blogging, this is my version of training, nutrition, and any other life stuff, all in the aid of seeing how fast I can go at Ironman Wales 2012. Kona 2013?
One year to prepare
One year to push my body towards its limits
All in the aid of one day!

This is part about myself, and having a record of something to look back on in future, and it may possibly inspire others to push themselves slightly further (although not holding breath on that).

A bit about myself - 30years old, being doing triathlon for last 13years (but not always taking seriously or competively), have competed for GB at Sprint triathlon 2010, but prefering longer challenges. Work within fitness industry, but sadly can't persuade them to pay me to train!

So hopefully putting in some good training miles, and hopefully weekly blog on training covered, and other topics as they happen.
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, May 25th 2012 16:50
hope the preparation fr Ironman Wales has gone well, supposed to be a great course. Good luck!
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