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London 2013; Misty eyed optimist?
London 2013; Misty eyed optimist?
With the season over for 2012, sights are now set on the ITU World Champs in London in September 2013. Qualification race booked at the Dambuster in June, so 7 months of graft awaits!

D DAY -1

jamesrunchmanby jamesrunchmanOct 13th 2012
Much as I am very excited at the prospect of travelling to NZ for the World Champs on Sunday, I still cannot raise any enthusiasm for packing! Seem to spend life living out of a bag! I am staring hopelessly at a mound of t-shirts and sports kit along with a vast array of tri kit. This hasn't been helped by a moment of kindness today when i was out on the bike. bumped into some bloke who asked me to carry some stuff down to NZ for him, I thought I might have the room so agreed. Turns out he is an ex triathlete / cyclist who is trying to enter the race next week, I think he said his name was 'Vance hamstrung' (something like that anyway)? Can't think what would be in the package he gave me, but I'm sure it will be fine!
Anyway, my bike (covered in enough bubble wrap to carpet half of Kent) is now crammed into the bike box and awaits the perils of airline baggage handling tomorrow. I am almost overcome by the fear that arrival in Auckland will be closely followed by an unclipping of said bike box and a torrent of nuts, bolts and shattered carbon fibre! Still, we're all in the same boat (er, plane) I suppose. On with the packing then, I wonder what EPO means!?!?!?!?
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