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Trying to Tri
Progress through my first year in my attempt to become a triathlete! A runner for years, a complete novice swimmer and a recreational cyclist.

First triathlon - Buckingham

jodobieby jodobieMay 14th 2013
First triathlon - Buckingham
Sunday was my first ever triathlon. Nervous, yes. Feeling sick, yes. Biggest worries (amongst many): transitions, setting everything up, getting a puncture, the swim. Having only learnt how to swim properly 18 months ago, the swim is always going to be my weakest discipline. That's why for my first triathlon I wanted to be in a pool, and a fairly short swim. So 400 metres in a 25 metre indoor pool was perfect.

The day started well with sunshine and yet quite cool. I had meticulously planned everything and had lists for everything that I needed to do and everything I needed to take. Got to the venue just after 8am and quickly registered. Felt a bit intimidated by all the very fancy bikes around... Went down to transition, which was on an astroturf pitch. Managed to find my part of the bike rack and very surprised by the lack of space! Managed to squeeze my bike in and get everything set up. Paranoid about forgetting something vital! Need to get a plastic box for next time - much better than a bag.

Race briefing was fine, although not sure how much I actually took in. Then there was the wait until my swim start. There were only 2 other people in my lane - although both overtook me! Once I was in the pool I was fine and it went quite quickly. Getting out and running to transition was fantastic - felt like a proper triathlete! Transition was very smooth, although I struggled getting my shoes into the cleats on my bike, which lost me quite a bit of time. Out on the bike and there was no one around. I got overtaken eventually by a few people, but most of the time I was just worried about going the right way. Downhill is my weakness - I just couldn't let myself go. And I didn't push it hard enough on the bike at all. I felt far too fresh afterwards. I think having no one else around meant I didn't see it as a race. T2 was quick and easy (apart from forgetting to turn my number round). The run went well, felt quite strong. Only problem was my feet were freezing from the bike and couldn't feel my toes for most of the run. Only in the last km did I feel I was struggling a bit.

I was glad to finish, and elated I had done it! Felt very fresh and so definitely should've pushed it more.

Results were out later that day. I was 201 out of 251 (11th in my age group). Slightly disappointed, but analysing the numbers shows exactly where I need to improve. My swim isn't actually that bad, and my transitions are quite quick. But my bike was poor. I need to be knocking 5 minutes at least off that. My run was good though.

Next race is Deva Divas on 21 July. Need to crack on with some training, especially on that bike.
ClaireDby member: ClaireD, May 15th 2013 13:05
Well done Jo - sounds like you had a good race! Good luck on your next one in July.
twiggyby member: twiggy, May 15th 2013 19:46
Congratulations! Your first tri is such a big learning curve but it gets easier to relax and push yourself the more you do (though in my experience the nerves are always there!)
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