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Just for the Sake of it.
justalby justal Nov 23rd 2012
I haven't written a blog post here for a while. Mainly because I was in New Zealand for the ITU Triathlon World Championships. The race in Auckland went really well, despite not having run for 12 weeks prior due to a stress fracture I finished i...
Team GB Kit
justalby justal Jun 28th 2012
Couldn't resist it, my Team GB kit arrived today, so here's the obligatory photo... Does my bum look big in it?...
Post Peak Slump
justalby justal Jun 7th 2012
My Periodised Training Plan that I was working towards along with my coach seems to have worked well. I peaked for my race at the Big Cow Triathlon and managed to attain my goal of qualifying for the ITU Age-Group World Championships. I may have bee...
ITU Age-Group World Champs Qualification
justalby justal May 30th 2012
Yeeeesssss! Q1, Big Cow - get in there, Auckland here I come. I know, I know, 'it's only Age-Group' but I'm pretty stoked. I've been working hard for this, I've just checked the BTF website and there's a 'Q1' next to my name - Little old me has q...
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