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justalby justalMay 6th 2013
I missed the my first race of the season thanks to illness, but my new first race is looming fast. Next weekend in fact in the Cotswolds and I'm looking forward to it now.

I've done a few open water swims already and the cold is no longer an issue - The water hasn't quite made it into double figures yet, but at 9ยบC this morning it felt quite pleasant. Yesterday was my final big day of training with a busy day running, swimming and mountain biking:

I even felt a little bit faster on the run, but as you'll read in the above blog post I'm not up to race speed yet. I'm now looking forward to a relatively restful week before my race next weekend. The main obstacle will be laying of the cakes this week as rest weeks seem to go hand in hand with eating far too much most of the time - I think it's a boredom thing.
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