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Testing the Garmin UK Repairs Service Again

justalby justalAug 1st 2012
The altimeter on my Garmin Forerunner 910XT has stopped working. The other day it showed that I had climbed 36,000 feet in a single 50 minute run and then had me doing some super high altitude training for a few. And when I say super-high I mean it, I was training at 56,000 feet apparently.

I've tried all the usual fixes, switching on and off, checking firmware updates, resetting, hard resetting, replacing the firmware but all to no avail. It looks as though it is a hardware failure so I'm currently in the process of testing the Garmin UK repairs service again. I've used them in the past and they've been good so hopefully they'll turn my unit around pretty quickly and I'll be back recording data again before too long.
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