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Here goes nothing..

Winter xDream

karmenrby karmenrJan 29th 2010
Winter xDream
In Estonia we have this event called Winter xDream (

"Nike Winter Xdream is an adventure rogaine, where three-member
teams can freely choose whether they use running,
skiing, biking or other means of moving to complete the
course. The goal is to take all 28 checkpoints and complete
the special task."

And it really was xdream: -29 degrees cold (-20.2 ºF?). We had chosen running and we did take all 28 checkpoints and completed the special task in 5h 21min. Check-time was 7h. Distance was about +30 km.

That was my first race in 2010.

Some pictures of that race: (c) Anniki

* me and my teammates
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