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3h running

karmenrby karmenrNov 16th 2009
As always in Sundays I do my long 3h session. Yesterday I did running ~24km. Very slowly and felt good. After 2h my hips started to feel a little bitter, but otherwise I enjoined the run.

I wouldn't mind doing MTB ride, but at the moment in Estonia we have 0 degrees (Celsius) and below with a little bit (wet)snow - that means you have to have something like that:
* (it's wet and muddy and could)
* good light (it's dark from 4pm til 8am )
* winter boots (wet and cold)
* snow tires (it's icy when it gets colder/snowier)
* goretex clothing etc.

I really don't want to ruin my MTB bike like this (or I have to wash it after every ride), and that's why I use rollers ( and do my biking sessions at home with my TT bike.

I ordered Tom Holland's book 'The 12-Week Triathlete: Train for a Triathlon in Just Three Months' ( - has anybody read it? I also have Joe Friel's triathlon and MTB training bible's, but as I read the reviews, it seamed like Holland's book may be better?

Anyway, when I receive it, I'll found out and will say what I thought about it:)

Although I have couple of triathlon books and I also read them, it doesn't mean I am capable of fallowing most of the things described there:( It's so common when I read the book all seams so clear and right but when you have to create your own sessions and/or year plan - it's not so easy anymore:)
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