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Katy Walker - Training Blog
Katy Walker - Training Blog
"Give yourself permission to exceed your own expectations...."
(Katy Walker)

Training - Week 10

katywalkerby katywalkerJan 2nd 2013
Starting week commencing 31 Dec we head into the new year (2013)

Started off 2013 with a very cold 9km run...was supposed to be 15km, but the cold got the better of me as I clearly didnĀ't have enough layers on!! As with all years...January comes with a new found motivation as the ever active conscious tell us that we have to "get the new year off to a good start..."

In saying that I do feel a little out of sorts, with my normal schedule having been interupted by the inconsiderate demands of the festive period... I will give myself this week to settle back into it with a view to getting myself set up and ready to motor on next week. That's not to say i'll be sitting around on my arse doing nothing - far from it...
Training - Week 10
  • Monday - OFF
  • Tuesday - RUN: 9km run
  • Wednesday - Back to work! Rest...if you can call first day back to work rest!; Stretching 30min
  • Thurs - RUN: Run to work 7.5km (30sec on; 30sec off x 5; 5min easy; then repeat); Streatching 30min
  • Friday - RUN: Run to work 7.5km easy; SWIM: Warm up 200m; Main set 10 x 100m @ 8/10; Warm down 200m back/breast
  • Saturday - BIKE: TUBRO; SWIM:Warm up: 200m; Drills: 21-22-23 & 3-6-6-3; Main set: 2 x 400m @ 6/10; Warm down: 200m back/breast
  • Sunday - RUN: Cross Country - Clivedon CC (6.2miles)

Midweek progress...

So going ok-ish this week so far - given my slightly haphazard training schedule this week. Lots of stretching last night (Wednesday) as i'm really stiff and sore at the moment - I think my body is adjusting to the colder weather as my joints seem to be creaking..and my gluts feel super tight?! Despite being uber tired this morning (Thurs), I did my 7.5km run to work with off/on efforts. Legs felt heavy and for some reason I feel really unfit??? I'm not sure why?? Am I fatigued?

Looking forward to my swim tomorrow - hopefully will freshen me up.

Will see how I get on...might have to ditch the Cross Country on Sunday if I can't get muscles and joints in a bit more of a relaxed state!

Cliveden XC

Tough course - really tough! ...but happy with my time, just under the hour (00:59:15) Finished 302nd out of 464... its all good - thats the benchmark set for next year.
Training - Week 10
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