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Katy Walker - Training Blog
Katy Walker - Training Blog
"Give yourself permission to exceed your own expectations...."
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Training - Week 12

katywalkerby katywalkerJan 14th 2013
Thanks to some swimming coaching last Thursday, I have a few new things to work on in the pool, which is keeping me motivated and keeps the sessions interesting... Lots more running and the training structure seems to be working well for me. My current concern is whether the hard running efforts (approx. 14kmh) and the recovery pace (11kmh) are too far apart...? I┬'m not sure and not sure how to find out - are my recovery runs too slow? Not quite sure...? Any advice on this is welcomed. Also starting to realise that my max HR is not very high...again, should I be concerned about this - not sure...? Don┬'t think I┬'ve ever seen it over 175! Doing the 220 minus age (which I know isn┬'t accurate) it should be 190-ish...

I am minded to think that I just haven┬'t worked up the mental strength yet, to push myself hard enough and get myself near my true max HR. I always know that the physical training would be easier than the mental...but with every little push, I make myself mentally stronger, so I am confident it will come!

Anyhoo...down to business! The 'plan' for week 12:
  • Monday:RUN - 6┬- 800m at eight seconds faster per 400m (13.5kmh); SWIM - 200m w/u; Drills (hip rotation); 8 x 200m @ 7/10; 200d/w (100m back/ 50 breast)
  • Tuesday: RUN: 7.5km steady (12kmh)
  • Wednesday: RUN - 10 x 400m at 12 seconds faster per 400m (13.9kmh); BIKE - Spinning class (1hr)
  • Thursday:SWIM (Club); 7.5km easy recovery
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: Spinning 1hr
  • Sunday: RUN - 1hr run @ half marathon target race pace for Wokingham Half (11.5kmh)


Interval set done on treadmill at lunchtime. 6 x 800m @ 13.5kmh with 60sec rest in between each. Hard (very sweaty) set. HR averaged 169 for each interval, going down to between 145-149 on rest phase. Max of 172/173 achieved on each 800m. Lovin it!!!!

And the moral of the story... Beware the swim lane with the fast guys - they'll chew you up and spit you out! Actually that could'nt be further from the truth! So, ok swimming was very hard tonight! Ended up swimming with some guys who were much faster than I, but we worked it so I did 8x 100s to thier 8x 200s, as I was swimming almost flat out to avoid getting lapped. Thanks guys for the workout though...certainly blew away the cobwebs!

That said, I have to say that it┬'s not possible to do a quality drill-set when you┬'re gunning it - drills need to be done slowly and I will probably repeat the Monday set on Sunday, so the drills are done PROPERLY this time :(


7.5km run at lunchtime @ 12kmh (treadmill)... im exhausted!! Average HR 164.


I knew as soon as I woke up this morning that I felt fatigued... likley the lack of running rest days catchnig up on me. I decided first thing that I wasnt going to do my interval set today. I knew I need to rest, so had a relax in the sauna instead. Still did spinning in the eveining, but took it very easy... should be back on form tomorrow...


Well back on par today, but with a 'recovery' run scheduled and with nothing to recover from as I didn┬'t do my interval set yesterday, I┬'m not sure if there was value in today┬'s session. I did it anyway... 7.5km at 11kmh and average HR was 157 and felt much much easier than Tuesdays steady effort at 12kmh.

Perhaps you would think that it┬'s when you really push yourself hard that you see your improvement the most┬... Today, doing my recovery run, is when it struck me that I had improved! Today, doing an easy 7.5km recovery run at 11kmh I realised that with a current 10km pb of 54 minutes┬ current recovery run pace┬ my race pace of old. Can┬'t tell you how much of a boost this realisation is┬...


Had another great run on Sunday. Aim was to sit at an hour constanct at 11.5kmh, which I did, and despite the blister on my foot which burst 5mins before the end (ouchy!!) I felt really good. My training tells me I can run much faster over shorter distances, but I want to sustain a constant speed for Wokingham Half Marathon (10th Feb) and I know if I can keep a constant 11.5kmh, I will smash my current half marathon the aim is to stay desciplined, not get over-excited amd and stick to 11.5kmh and build up to the required distance. Next weekend, I hope to increase my effort and run 1.5hrs @ 11.5kmh... If my blister heels!
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