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Katy Walker - Training Blog
Katy Walker - Training Blog
"Give yourself permission to exceed your own expectations...."
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Training - Week 21 Dory!!

katywalkerby katywalkerMar 26th 2013
Great week away... Good weather, nice food, great company, plenty of vino (and a little too much beer) ...oh! and some training thrown in for good measure!
  • Saturday - arrived and assembled bike... with a little help ;)
    Did a little spin out (around 20km I think)
  • Sunday - First proper days on the bike - 78 km of undulation. A bit of a shock to the system and I really struggled up the hills. Anything over say 7% and I struggled...starting to think at this point that I should have trained more before going out there! Ah well...too late! Ran off the bike - steady 5km with John Booker (legend)
  • Monday - Running day - lovely 13 odd miles along the beach and back. Ran to Rimini - beautiful - just me, sea and sand. PERFECT!! Loved it! Took approx 2hrs 15, so nice and steady
  • Tuesday - back out on the bike... not sure where we went, but it was BBQ day. Lots more hills but loved them!! What a difference a day 'they' say ;) Found myself getting up the hills top three in the group and it felt this point I did contemplate moving up a group... But Nah!! Ran off the bike - 3/4km...very easy - knackered!!
  • Wednesday - total rest day! Went to San Marino on the rained! on the plus side I had amazing pizza with runny egg in the is good!
  • Thursday...and wine tasting...
    Not as lazy as it sounds. Started the day off with a 1hr 20 run along the beach with my new friends Raphael and Christian. Then back to the htoel and quick wardrobe change and straight on the bike. Cycled 40km... 20km to vineyard...beautiful lunch and lots...and lots of wine and then 20km back to hotel...
  • Friday: Another total rest day...washed my bike took it apart and faffed around. it is a holiday afterall...!
  • Saturday: Home time - sad face! Just time for a nice 1hr run before lunch and then back on the wagon and off to the airport.
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