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Katy Walker - Training Blog
Katy Walker - Training Blog
"Give yourself permission to exceed your own expectations...."
(Katy Walker)

Training - Week 2

katywalkerby katywalkerNov 6th 2012
So...we're in week two and lots learnt from last week so a few tweaks need to be made... I am also doing a Sport & Remedial Massage Course at the weekend, so the whole weekend is a write-off for excercise!

Here's the plan - slightly more swim and run focussed this week and only 7hours:
  • Monday - SWIM: Pool Swim - Technique - Arrow Phase/ 200m TT (Record time as baseline for improvement)
  • Tuesday - RUN: Hill Reps 5/6x 800m reps
  • Wednesday: RUN: Easy/Recovery 7.5km
  • Thursday - BIKE: Turbo - Strength set (am); SWIM: Pool Swim - club swim/technique (pm)
  • Friday - RUN: Hill reps - 10 x 200m sprint up; active recovery down; SWIM: Technique - "Arrow Phase"
  • Saturday - REST (Massage Course)
  • Sunday - REST (Massage Course): SWIM: Technique - "Arrow Phase" (pm)

Video Swim Analysis

Training - Week 2
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Nov 6th 2012 11:34
Monday swim was a great start to the week... Technique, video analysis and 200m TT with

So my starting point is 3:29mins for 200m...
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Nov 6th 2012 11:35
Arrow phase drills (each time 25m drill, 25 normal swim x2)
1. Pull buoy: throw arms forward at entry and exaggerate shoulder rotation (keep legs still if possible)
2. 21-22-23: After every stroke keep arm up front and count 21-22-23 before continuing with the next stroke
3. 3-6-3: 3 strokes after which one arm is kept up front. Turn body on the side and do 6 leg kicks. After the 6th leg kick roll back to chest and perform another 3 arm strokes
4. Swim with Left arm only, keep right arm stretched up front
5. Swim with Right arm only, keep left arm stretched up front
6. Catch up: keep one arm up front until the arm that performs the stroke has caught up and both hands have been tapped together
7. Pause hand during recovery: the hand that recovers above the water to the front pauses near the shoulder for 2 seconds. After the little pause enter the hand and try to reach out as far as possible. During the pause focus on keeping the arm stretched up front.
8. Touch other side of hip after exit of the hand. Focus on keeping the arm up front stretched out especially when you come breathing to provide support to the head that is rotated to breathe.
9. Swim one lane with as few strokes as possible, count strokes. On return try to do one stroke less
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Nov 7th 2012 09:04
Last nights Hill reps...tick! Up Tinkers Lane in Windsot - a favourite training sport for datchet dashers... 800m reps, with very steep section at the end. Slept in compression calf guards last night...!!
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Nov 7th 2012 21:23
7.5 km recovery...done! Felt good...nice n easy...
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Nov 8th 2012 09:51
Missed turbo set this morn! Bad girl!
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