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A trying triathlete
A trying triathlete

1st day of Dec

kyoursby kyoursDec 1st 2009
pre-run: nil
9km run
HR avg: 72%
weather: nicely warm
felt good, feels the energy level really high, can blast off anytime
short run, no drinks

1st day of Dec, so fast and the year is almost over...

Did a short run of 9km today. Tapering is always a difficult time, u start to think if u have already done enough training. Suddenly to cut down from all the usual mileage that i have been clocking seems weird at times. This will be my 3rd marathon and it is the 1 where i have really sticked to some sort of training regime, long runs of 18km, 21km, 24km, 24km, 27km, 35km, 28km, 18km... i never did train more than 21km for my last 2 marathons...

Today's run was relaxing, i think i pushed a bit in the latter half of the run. I was trying to pace a buddy to a sub hr 10k pace, trying to let him feel the pace. However during the gentle ascent up to Dover MRT, i realised that i can actually run faster with a shorter stride but slightly higher cadence with a lower HR. It seems to me to be a more efficient way of running. It actually made me think of a friend of mine who was in the same school x-country team. He was small sized but he ran fast, like a pocket dynamo. I remembered the times when i was drafting behind him and observed his running style (nothing much else to see when u r running behind someone...especially a guy, haha) his steps were small but his cadence was high... i tried it out for the remaining 4km, it feels more efficient...
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