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A trying triathlete
A trying triathlete

SCSM racepack collection

kyoursby kyoursNov 28th 2009
pre-run: banana
17km run
HR avg: 78%
weather: sunny initial, cloudy
felt the legs tiring at 8-9k, breathing laboured
finished 500ml of accelerade

Busy day ahead, my last long taper run b4 scsm, after that attend seminar st smu by Uweei for marathon running presented by Shem. Then will go for racepack collection.

Tried out what i read yesterday, no food in the 3hrs b4 the run. Only ate a banana b4 the start of my run. Started at 7am, weather was good, sunny for the 1st 8-9km, but cloudy afterwards. Was actually hoping for the sun to shine, i feel that i haven't done much acclimatisation yet...

Stomach feel funny without real food, normally my routine is to eat 2-3slice of bread with peanut butter b4 any excercise lasting more than an hr, but read that if food is not ingested 3hrs b4 an endurance excercise, it will deplete my glycogen lvl... was it the empty stomach or the accelerade that i am using today (nvr really used it for run)... the stomach feels like water is rolling inside if i take too much accelerade too fast... will follow up with this again.

The seminar was not too bad. Surprisingly there were goody bags as well, water bottle+cap+sample nuun tablet, haha. Bought a tube of nuun to try, most prob will be taking it orally in small pcs, more with the Aviva in mind rather than the marathon.

After collecting racepack which was fast n efficient, went to marina square for lunch. Not much to comment on the racepack, nothing much in it. Saw the Helium 4 fuel belt selling at aqua and sports shop, was tempted to buy it at $69... still considering... do i really need it...
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