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Ironman Quest
Ironman Quest
The quest of a 45 year old recreational runner who likes nothing better than a lazy night with a beer or glass of wine to become an Ironman

A big year ahead

macukby macukDec 22nd 2013
Over the past ten years I've dabbled in the world of fitness with my enthusiasm ranging from "I can't wait to exercise every day" to "I know I should do some exercise but a glass of wine would be nicer". As a teenager I was always active but never a particularly good sportsman, with my main activities being running and the odd lambada dance at the local disco. It was at one of these night spots that I met my wife and at the age of 22 we got married.
Over the years the nice home cooked meals and weekend splurges took their toll and I saw myself moving up the scales from 10.5 stone to peaking at 16 at one stage. I would always get fed up with the weight, knuckle down to some healthy eating and exercise and as with many people who are happy with their life I regularly saw my weight rising and falling depending on whether I was in a particularly lazy stage or really enjoying training. After a career change nearly ten years ago I have been a lot more committed to staying fit and I started entering the odd local race, training hard until the event but my will power usually tailing off after, leaving me fall back into bad habits until the next time I found something to get me all enthused about taking part in.
I have run in lots of 10ks, a couple of half marathons and had the privilege to take part in the London marathon this year. As usual I would train like a demon until the event then take a backward step as my training dropped off. After taking part in my first sprint triathlon in September I have become bitten by the Tri bug. Although my running needs improvement, my cycling borders on the unsafe and my swimming is virtually non existent my ambition is to complete in an Ironman event before my knees finally give way or my wife gets fed up me wittering on about triathlon.
I know it would be a big ask of myself to go for a full Ironman in 2014 so I have set myself a task to get into some proper training and to gain the experience I will need to take part in such a grueling event. My diary next year is starting to fill up with events, to keep my momentum going and so that I don't fall back into bad habits, enjoying the couch and the wine more than I really should.

My list of events so far are:

LLANELLI 20 MILE RACE (23/02/14)
TENBY LONG COURSE (11-13/07/14)

I am aiming to take part in at least one event a month, hopefully seeing some big improvements in my training and form as I go through the year. I am definitely not an athlete and I hope by keeping this blog it will not only give me the encouragement to keep working on my triathlon goals but will give other like minded people a little enjoyment too.
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