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Ironman Quest
Ironman Quest
The quest of a 45 year old recreational runner who likes nothing better than a lazy night with a beer or glass of wine to become an Ironman

Ironman Training Begins

macukby macukDec 28th 2014
I must admit I've enjoyed Christmas. I purposely stopped training for much of December, spending time with family and friends and eating / drinking whatever took my fancy. Typically whilst on any type of leave from work I develop a bout of man-flu and this week has been no exception. But the worst is over and to tell you the truth I'm fed up of Christmas treats and rich food and am yearning to get back to doing some exercise.

I have started to plan out my Ironman traning and this starts next week. I have listed my schedule for the coming week and will post my actual results at the weeks end. I work a strange shift pattern so have found it quite hard to fit training in around day to day life but hopefully I have come up with a plan thats consistent over all three tri disciplines.

I have printed out my weekly schedule and have fastened it to my fridge, hopefully this will deter me in any times of weakness when a cold beer or bar of chocolate seem like a better idea than a run in the freezing cold.

I hope to keep a record of how my training is going and what effects it has on me. I start my training after a lazy December at 14 stone (I won't put down just how much the Christmas holidays added to that total, but lets just say it ain't good)

IRONMAN TRAINING PLAN - WEEK 1 29th Dec 2014 to 04th Jan 2015

Pool Swim - 1 hour
Running - 4 miles easy pace

Pool Swim - 1 hour
Turbo Trainer - 1 hour

Pool Swim - 1 hour
Running - 5 mile easy pace

Running - 8 miles at steady 8.30 - 9.00 min/mile pace

Gym - Conditioning / strength workout
Turbo Trainer - 30 min sprint training

Running - 4 mile easy pace
Turbo Trainer - 30 min session

Running - 4 mile easy pace
Turbo Trainer - 45 min session


I must admit having had a lazy December and a very merry Christmas I struggled to get back into my training. My first swim session was disjointed as I seemed to have forgoten any technique and I could feel the difference in my fitness. The first couple of runs were the same with my pace well down on a couple of months ago. I worked hard though and hopefully laid some good groundwork for future weeks.

The conditioning session in my plan consisted of :

10 minute treadmill warm-up
10 x 10 press-ups
10 x 10 shoulder presses with 15kg weight
10 x 10 bicep curls
10 x 7 squats
there was a 30 second rest between all sets


Swim 2h:30m
Run 3h:50m
Bike 2h:4min
Strength 50min
Total 9h:10m:45s

Swim 2.7miles
Run 25.2miles
Bike 23.4miles
Total 51miles

Number of sessions for week
Swim 3
Run 5
Bike 3
Strength 1

Total 12

Weight at end of week 1 :
13 stone 9lb
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