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Singularly failing to compete in anything in 2010 so far!

Inspirational People

maidayby maidayJul 28th 2010
I've recently met and chatted with a lady triathlete who inspires me. She seems to have done so much with her life and talks about it all (well almost) with a happy heart and fond memories. She's jolly and supportive and brave (not fearless but has fear and does it anyway) and intelligent and very competitive too!

And she's inspiring because she tries and tri's (of course) and succeeds and sets new goals and sets off again. Others see her and realise that maybe they should try too and not keep putting it off. Yet she still doubts her ability - which is clearly obvious to me and others.

You might pass this lady in the street and never know she's a triathlete - we come in all shapes, ages and sizes. She inspires me because of her happy attitude her own application to her sport and her humility. So I will smile more and try harder and accept support and praise from her and others and give the same back for it's far more deserved in that direction. And one day I might even beat her...!

And the purpose of this blog is? Well, think who inspires you in sport (or not), what is it that's important in them? How can you be more like them to improve yourself?

Oh and when you read this "X" be proud and strong
cranmereby member: cranmere, Aug 2nd 2010 09:38
"Grab a chance and you won't be sorry for a might-have-been."
Arthur Ransome, "We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea"
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