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Maiday tris something new....
Singularly failing to compete in anything in 2010 so far!

Kick in pants required

maidayby maidayJun 10th 2010
So I didn't make Cotswold - too much marking and a sore ankle used as excuses.

I need a kick - or better still someone to help me and drag me to the pool more often. I'd like to say that I'll do the Sprint in Cotswold in Sept but the swim seems too long right now.....

And I've not been on my bike except to fight the traffic to work (1.5 miles) and back in the last few months...HELP!
cranmereby member: cranmere, Jun 10th 2010 17:02
When do you train and where?
maidayby blog author: maiday, Jun 10th 2010 17:07
Round Bristol and whenever I can!

Off to "slackers swim"? next Friday with Chrissie cause I'm too much of a chicken to go on my own! Spinning wiht Nadia next Tues but run with Southville most Tues and Thurs.

Also currently a member at Nuffield and will try to get up elary to go tomorrow!
cranmereby member: cranmere, Jun 12th 2010 13:17
I'll see you next Friday then. I can guarantee that I will be at least as slow as you.
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