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Bouncing Through Brisbane

marshrgby marshrgMar 1st 2012
I am pretty pants and keep meaning to keep this upto date so the 5 - 30 mystery guests can keep tabs on me - please leave a post so I know who is interested!

It feels like I have taken the past two days off (yesterday was a rest day so that qualifies). I do not know why anyone would want to drive or catch pubic transport to work when you can leave early in fresh (Warm) air on a bike and thrash yourself in the process and feel bold all day long...

Non the less I resorted to catching every disease known to man on the train into Brisbane for two days running. Yesterday as it was a rest day, and today as my cycling legs need a rest prior to Sunday's race, and I am also in desperate need for some swimming (13:40 is not that bad for 750m).

Managed to sort out the picture so you can see my trusty commuting steed - comments please! I am still to show some pics of the awesome ay up lights.....

So the next couple of days are either sho9rt sharp sessions or very casual sessions - if you don't hear from me I will report back on Sun to let you unknown followers know how I got on in my first triathlon in 2 years...

Stay safe and be the best you can be.

I almost forgot to mention the title.. running throuhg Brisbane city centre listening to tunes is awesome. Warmth, feel good factor, nice atmosphere and also seeing everyone else trooging round feeling depressed because its only lunchtime.. grasp life and enjoy it :) :)

Be good.

PennyHby member: PennyH, Mar 1st 2012 13:40
Good luck with your race. Will be out at Surfers Paradise visiting my step daughters next January, so you can drag me along for a bike ride!
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