Suck it up, Buttercup!

mhowoodby mhowoodMay 12th 2011
How long has it been since I blogged?
Weeks? Months?

It's all been a bit busy since the Brighton Marathon.
School holidays. Increased mileage on the bike. Organising the Thames Turbo PowerBar team (we're leading the London League). Post-marathon blues. Injury.
It all adds up...
Suck it up, Buttercup!
I'll get the Brighton Marathon shit out the way first, and it is shit.
3:00:55 is a good time but a tough time, as people don't know wether to say congratulations or commiserations!
I'm kicking myself now for not going sub 3hrs. I hadn't set out to go sub 3, as I'd missed too may long runs due to illness but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't it in the back of my mind! I had hoped for 2:55-ish after my 1:21 Half at Wokingham in February.
In the week leading up to the race, I'd instead settled for:
a) getting through the first 10miles and not cramping on the hills (like last year).
b) Good For Age for London (3:10)
c) er, that's it.

So with that in mind I messed about a fair bit during the first half, slowed dramatically for the inclines, chatted with clubmates running below my pace, and generally didn't take the event seriously. Which is fine, if you haven't got a target.
Doh! It's clear now I would have easily have run sub 3, despite my reservations, and infact I did according to my Garmin 310XT!
There's a lesson here. When the gun goes, so do you!

Okay. Done. Look forward to London 2012. There's iron mans to train for nowÂ...
Suck it up, Buttercup!
I've recently won, through Swimovate, a place at the Challenge Henley-Upon-Thames iron distance triathlon in September.
Swimovate are a great UK company making a fantastic product: the Pool-Mate.
I've been using the Pool-Mate consistently since the start of the year, and it's become invaluable in keeping track of my swim times and distances.
The Pool-Mate is a swim watch, that by some jiggery pokery, counts your pool laps, swim stroke, speed and efficiency.
I can't thank Swimovate enough and their generosity has given me the incentive to swim even more.
Did I mention the 3.8km swim was in the River Thames? Eek!
It has raised the issue of wetsuits and open water swims, as I'm struggling to get my hands on a XSmall. I've only been in the lake once this year in my baggy-old 2XU V1, and I actually gave up swimming in it at a recent pool session as it's become a hinderance.
What does it say when you can swim faster without a wetsuit?!
Suck it up, Buttercup!
My cycling is coming on, with some long social rides completed with Deon (deeefender) and plus a very windy Norfolk, solo 100miles banked.
Inspired by this form, I've sought out Tom Bennett to help me find some Power!
I always thought muscular endurance was going to be my limiter, and it's all the training books talk about, but it seems I have it already:
4km swim? Done.
100+ miles biked? Done.
26.2 miles run? Done.
With that in mind, I'm hoping Tom can help plan a few weekly bike sessions that will up leg strength and power. The stronger I am, the fresher I'll be for the run, I reckon.
More on this soonÂ...
Suck it up, Buttercup!
Tom also had a look at my foot last week, as I've been unable to run since the Marathon. Okay, I think I've run twice and each time it swells up. A NHS GP thought it may be fractured when I explained I'd dropped a large parasol base on it 2 days before Brighton, and then run 26.2 miles with blisters due to my water-logged (hot day) Brooks T7s. X-rays were quickly ordered and 'No Running' prescribed.
With middle distance events lined up and an ironman to look forward to, that's not an option.
A second opinion was sought, luckily Tom works out of The Tri Touch at Sigma Sport, and he spent 30 mins manipulating my foot and basically debunked the GP's diagnosis. He found no bone damage, through his twists and pulls, and instead focused on the soft tissue on the top of the foot. 'Soft tissue damage' is something I can live with!
Thanks Tom.
What's next?
Foot-willing I'll be the Crystal Palace sprint triathlon, before The Boskman in the New Forest.
The Boskman is a 2.4km swim. 120km hill bike, and 21.1km trail run.
I'll let you know how it goes...
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