The parkrun show podcast - Why I started running parkrun

mhowoodby mhowoodMay 25th 2012
The parkrun show podcast - Why I started running parkrun
In response to a question posed on The parkrun show Facebook page:
"We want to hear your stories about what got you into parkrun. How did you originally hear about parkrun and what made you take part?"

I answered:
It was our midwife that got me into parkrun in April 2007, or Bushy Park Time Trial as it was back then.
My wife had a home-birth with our second child, and once he was born, we were chatting about this and that, and we talked about how nice it was around Twickenham and how beautiful the parks were. The midwife (wish I could remember her name), started telling us about this run she did on a Saturday morning in Bushy Park, how pretty it was and and how they all met for coffee afterwards in Teddington - she was so enthusiastic!

I forgot about it for a while, what with all the demands of a young family, but every so often we would pass the midwife on her way for coffee post-BPTT. Finally, over a year later I got around to signing up and doing my first at Bushy Park on 31 May 2008.
Since then I've only managed 60 runs, mainly because the parkrun startline introduced me to the Thames Turbo Triathlon Club, which inevitably led me down the path to Ironman! However, despite all this fitness my PB at Bushy has stubbornly refused to drop below 18:09, despite an 18:03 at Richmond (?).

I wish I could tell the midwife that the child (Seth, 5) that she helped bring into the world, and brother (Luca, 7) are now both avid Bushy Junior parkrunners! Furthermore, that Luca, the small boy eating toast and watching Finding Nemo on that day in April 2007, has just completed his third Bushy parkrun in a time of 32:19.
Look at what she's started!
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sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jun 20th 2012 18:31
Yeah the parkruns are really great aren't they, a great experience for all. Nice post :-)
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