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Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
21yr old student at Kingston Uni, doing sport science.
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Kingston University Sports Performance Evening and The Zone

mule35by mule35May 4th 2012
Hello everyone,

As you may/not be aware, I am a member of the Kingston University Sports Performance Programme and last night was when I officially received my certificate and jacket to the club from no other than Sally Gunnell OBE. It was a great night and Sally shared her story regards her training to become Olympic champion, it was riveting stuff. One thing that got me thinking was, she said that she cannot remember her Olympic final. She does not remember the time from getting to the start line to about 2min after the race. Nothing, she said she cannot remember taking off her tracksuit, putting her blocks out, anything. She said she was (and i hate to use the term) "in the zone". It made me wonder, when have I been in the zone with regards sports?

There are a few times when that has happened, admittedly not that recent. The first, was when I was 10, and I was swimming for my school. I had been getting hammered by the other members of the school swim team and was the 5th man in a 4 man team. However when they did not race that day (they subsequently went to nationals the following day), I all of a sudden felt the pressure just disappear, and I knocked 5seconds off my 33m (100yard pool) PB. An amazing result. However, I can recall after the race not knowing what had happened, having to ask the time judge repeatedly what had just happened.

The second time, was during the finals of the 2007 National Water-Polo Championships semi final. My team were the major underdogs going into the match, with us having only 2 GB players (inc. my self) where as our opposition had a squad of players with international honours to their name. Needless to say we got beat 13-8, however I am told that I kept us in it and this was confirmed when I received the man of the match award and getting goal keeper of the tournament. Not bad for a kid playing an age-group up. However, arguably the best game I have ever played as a goal-keeper, and I don't remember much apart from getting in the pool, thinking Christ that is cold, hearing my name get announced by the commentator and finally, the big scoreboard to my left that very publicly showed the crowd I had let a goal in.

I find it amazing that some of our best performances, will never be remembered. Not due to forgetting, or hoping to forget them, but however down to the mind being so focussed on that one moment, it turns off the memory switch. Its slightly sad. However, I'd rather have had the knowledge of owing a game or a race being shown by a medal, PB or trophy than all of the other matches/races I can remember and I think, I wish I didn't remember that one.

Have you had any similar experiences? Leave a comment, I am truly fascinated by the concept and would love to hear your experiences.

First race of the year Sunday, so expect a race report soon :)
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