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Injury as a part of training

parkbenchby parkbenchAug 24th 2010
I have managed to pull my left calf, again. I think I must have pulled both calves twice over the past 3 years. Coupled with dodgy knee pain, hamstring and groin issues, it seems that I have almost accepted injury as part of my, although unscheduled, training plan.
Fortunately, I've been seeing the physio recently over another issue and was able to get her to start to sort tihis for me. Up until recently, it hade been 18 months since I'd paid her a visit. I've no doubt that sustaining an injury was always on the cards, just a case of when. I think that the only reason that I haven't been injured more often is because I've reduced my training (which is minimal at the best of times), to try to avoid injuries.
I now have to break this cycle.
My first problem is that when I run, I tend to only have one pace. This is to run as fast as I can for the distance I'm doing. Effectively doing every session at race pace. Doesn't sound good, does it ? My stretching is minimal. I'v not really iced niggles or used heat to relax muscles.

I have a good 6 months to change.

1) Every training run to begin with 1 mile w/up and end with 1/2 mile w/down
2) Ice any niggles for 20 minutes after running (or cycling)
3) Use heat on my calves, and other areas as necessary, in the evening
4) Visit physio every 6 weeks or so to disentangle legs.

This may be enough. Feedback from the physio at every session will be useful in determining what shape my legs are in before they are worked on.

That's about it. Sprint tri in 12 days, then the 'training proper' begins.
Seeing into the future
parkbenchby parkbench Aug 14th 2010
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