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Triathlon Training & Races - Matt's Blog
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2010 - the Year of Living Painfully

prhimby prhimJan 8th 2010
Ok, I admit it, I tend to get bored and lose interest easily. Last year it was clay pigeon shooting, before that mountain biking etc etc.

I definitely have the Triathlon / Duathlon bug right now, but knowing what I'm like, I am worried that it won't take too much for me to fall out of love with it and move on to the 'next big thing' (whatever the heck that might be).

So to give myself a little more incentive to knuckle down and see it through, I have set myself a tough goal for 2010 (accepting that 'tough' is entirely subjective).

In short, my goal for 2010 is to complete one Duathlon or Triathlon race (distance doesn't matter to me right now) per month; 12 races in total.

And to make sure I don't duck out, I'm going to be doing it for a good cause - Unicef.

Why Unicef? Well, for two very good reasons:

1. They help children who need it most
2. They are truly global - I am lucky to have friends, family and colleagues across the world; this charity will is just a relevant in the US, Australia or Germany as it is in the UK

At the moment, the race diary looks like this. Any suggestions for the 'missing months' most welcome - I'm really concentrating on sprint races as this is only my first full season and I'm far from an experience endurance athlete (I'm also not quite stupid enough to think that I can do an IronMan each month).

2010 Race Calendar:

January - 24th - Dorney Lake (Eton) Duathlon
5km Run / 20km Cycle / 5km Run

February - 28th - Castle Coombe Duathlon
3.2km Run / 20km Cycle / 3.2km Run

March - 14th - Dorney Lake (Eton) Duathlon
5km Run / 20km Cycle / 5km Run

April - 18th - Winchester Triathlon

May - 16th - Salisbury Fast Twitch Triathlon

June - 27th - Marlborough Fast Twitch Triathlon

July - TBA

750m Swim / 20km Cycle / 5km Run

September - TBA

October - Sandy Balls Duathlon
5km Run / 20km Cycle / 5km Run

November - TBA

December - TBA
swoodelby member: swoodel, Jan 9th 2010 16:04
That's a hard core event schedule and much respect for doing it all for a really great cause(huge understatement)

I've just started and am concerned about it just being the "now" thing and this is a great way to make me commit, I may do something similar, thanks for the inspiration!

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