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Triathlon Training & Races - Matt's Blog
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Starting the Year of Living Painfully with a valuable lesson

prhimby prhimJan 26th 2010
Starting the Year of Living Painfully with a valuable lesson
So I took part in the first of my 12 2010 races on Sunday - at Dorney Lake (hello to anyone else who was there - apart from no.63, you cheating git!).

Despite it being bitterly cold, it was a good training race, giving me some new insight into my strengths and weaknesses. In fact, the primary lesson learned was a blindlingly simple one: RUN FASTER YOU FAT B*ST*RD!

An easy failing to recognise, but one that might be more difficult to address in reality.

I found it really useful going on-line post-race and looking up the individual run/bike/run splits for those competitors who crossed the line ahead of me; looking to see where I lost the most time.

And again, it was simple and clear to see - the runs.

My bike was pretty good (23rd out of 77), considering its a bog-standard alu frame road bike with no trick parts (very gratifying to pass the odd TT bike!).

My transitions were ok, considering I don't yet have Tri cycling shoes and the Shimano R132s can be a little tricky to fasten.

But my runs were awful - Run 1 (5km) coming in at 22min 40sec and Run 2 (5km) coming in at 24min 30sec. Those earned me 37th and 43rd respectively - way short of my bike position, and leading to 34th overall.

So my challenge for Race 2 of 12 (Chilly Duathlon, 28th Feb) is to better my comparitive run performances. Last time out at Chilly I managed 14min dead and 14.45 for the runs. The challenge this time has to be to go sub-13. Watch this space!

A quick note on the course itself... I'm still new to this so no expert but I have to say I really didn't rate the run course - two laps of a straight out/back again loop was very uninspiring (especially with a hairpin at each end - not great for running flow). The bike was better, but again six laps of a fairly short course did get tedious.
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jan 31st 2010 20:17
I have to admit I dislike the out and back run courses also (not referring to the race you've just done as I wasn't there). I do, however like laps when it comes to the longer races. Gives the opportunity for mental markers and generally more supporters around the course!
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