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Queballs Quandaries
Im a 41 year recently converted triathlete !!

In a previous life i played and coached rugby for over twenty years and continue to be a PE teacher at a local secoundary school.

After one season i have committed myself to Coaching at the newly formed Ocean Lake Triathlon Club in Kent (after completeing my BTF level 2) and even officiating ( im also a level 1 official) at the clubs new race series.

14, first Race, 26th May.

queball1971by queball1971May 27th 2012
Mmmmmm great day for the club, loverly day and great atmosphere .

But feel I've let myself down a bit ! Really not done enough threshold work on bike or run, but felt I've done a fair ammount of training, so should improve my split times pretty easily. Wrong !! I'm fully aware of periodisation, specificity etc and have a sports science degree and just completed Level 2 BTF. But still felt I was going to improve anyway, as I've not been in the sport for long.

Day before race ran to work & cycled home , not high effort , but an hour none the less ! Busy day at work meant I didn't get breakfast and grabbed a load of sausage rolls, pasties etc at about three o'clock . Angie was out for the evening, so I made myself a cooked by morrisons chicken sandwhich.

Race day Mrs T still not sleeping , so up at 4.30 again !

But ....... Swim felt really good, STRAIGHT swimming. Only twenty five in race, but some bloke swam over me three times ??? Where was he going ???

I overtook four people in transition , then I got overtook by four on the bike leg. But bike leg was ok, legs were dead to start but final third of the course I really felt good and started pulling back on a couple racers. Then onto the my strength in triathlon, the bike / run transition , it's a thing of beauty.

The run felt very laboured and struggled with stich from pretty much the start of the leg. Pretty disappointed with a time of 21 mins.

Loved it though !!!

So much more to work on and have learnt that good prep really starts days before any race.

Will be working on anaerobic threshold over the next few weeks, with lots of interval.
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