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Rik's Triathlon Blog

2 4 6... Breath

rikby rikAug 9th 2010
Well I actually managed to do 30 lengths of the pool today, but I did stop at each end and take a small breather, and a long breather sometimes. I daren't try that tumble turn thingy without practice - I know I'll look a complete idjit... that's my excuse for stopping anyway.

I've experimented with various breathing points.. I seem to survive longer if I do stroke, breath, stroke, breath. I'm less tired this way. However, stroke, stroke, stroke, breath, stroke, stroke, stroke, breath (still with me?) allows me to concentrate on my swimming technique more as I'm less all over the place. I'd like to master this if possible because I actually feel like a swimmer on the rare occasions I get it right.
Tags: swimming
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