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Rik's Triathlon Blog

Race Information Arrives

rikby rikSep 1st 2010
I've received an email with some details of the Triathlon now.. I can register between 4-7pm on Friday 17th Sep (and get free pasta :-)), so I'll probably do that after work. The first wave goes at 8am on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, I don't know how many waves there are or which one I'm in yet but I suspect I won't be long after that. It's a bit earlier than I'd hoped.. bet that lake's not too warm!

I've not done any training now for 5 days, and don't think I can actually do any of my events at the moment with all these injuries. A visit to the gym is on the cards today for me to try basic walking and turn some pedals, just to see how good/bad I am - depending on the result I might do a swimming test too.

My plan to try some open swimming is in trouble now. I hobbled to the local lake last Thursday and there were lots of open swimmers, it looked great and a perfect opportunity to practice. But I'm unlikely to be fit enough to try tomorrow, I'm away next Thursday and the following one is two days before my event!

In at the deep end then.
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