Into the great unknown
Into the great unknown
As far is I can tell this triathlon business is 90% in the head. I'm really good at some bits, not so good at others, and mostly it's a great ever unknown. This is my experience of managing mind, and body, to be the best triathlete I can be.

World Championship qualifiers: reality check

ritatrisby ritatrisJun 3rd 2013
What a weekend! We went up to Nottingham on Saturday for my first sprint race of the season, which was also a World Championship qualifier and the National Sprint Championships. My mind is still slightly reeling from the experience.

I was pleased with my race overall. I PB¬'d by over 5 minutes (a fast course helped) and despite a disappointing swim time, even by my poor standards, I did ok on the bike and ran fairly well. I feel like I could have worked harder, a little bit on the run and certainly on the bike. After a winter of half ironman training I haven¬'t quite got my mind into that top end all out effort place yet. But I did pretty well considering, and I feel like it¬'s set me up well for the next few races.

The real news though is that my gods, who knew there were so many super fast triathletes out there?! After racing mostly local events I know there are the odd few at each race who are so fast they¬'re not even chaseable. Well, every single one of them seemed to turn up on Saturday. I knew before the race that I would be outside the top 7 qualifying spots. I ended up with 23rd. 23rd!

And you know what, I feel pretty good about that. I did my best, if I had worked 100% and had a better swim I would have been maybe 19th, and blimey did they deserve it. A lot of very good club triathletes I know had similar experiences, which is also reassuring. Did I mention they were fast?! It was an amazing experience to race with such talent, and has pulled me out of my post half-ironman motivational slump.

Which is good really, seen as I¬'m going to do it all over again at Bristol in three weeks. So I have a couple of weeks to work on upping the suffering tolerance, actually get in some open water wetsuit practice, and work on post bike running.
ClaireDby member: ClaireD, Jun 6th 2013 12:51
Well done on your PB! And what an event to do it in. I couldn't even imagine racing against people so fast!
justalby member: justal, Jun 8th 2013 16:46
Nice one.... Keep aiming for the qualification place. Nottingham was also the British Champs so all of the fast guys and gals would have been there. Bristol is a good race and will be competitive but not quite as competitive as Nottingham....

See you in London! :)

roborobby member: roborob, Jun 13th 2013 06:58
Ditto everything you said! I PB'd too but couldn't do better than 19th in my AG! What a smash-fest that was (great experience all the same). Good luck for Bristol; hoping it will be a more successful trip for me too
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