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Amateur Age Group Triathlete
Amateur Age Group Triathlete

uh oh just 2 weeks till showtime!

roborobby roborobOct 7th 2012
Sep 10th-16th:

It's been a while since my last post, as i have been busy planning ahead to race day rather than reflecting back on the preparation so far. Following from the last post, Emily and i enjoyed a great week travelling around North England in a huge rented motorhome, which gave us a lot of freedom to fit our training in at some great venues.
uh oh just 2 weeks till showtime!
After spending another night in Bala after the Triathlon, we headed through torrential rain up through Snowdonia National Park up to Bangor, and then travelled along the north coast of Wales and under the Mersey into Liverpool, where we swam with the very friendly Mersey Tri Club at the Liverpool Aquatic Centre. After a quick visit to Cesspool - i mean - Blackpool, to see the Cav take the Stage 4 win of the Tour of Britain in more torrential rain (it doesn't rain like this down south), we headed east to the stunning Peak District for a few days of hilly cycling before hitting Rother Valley Park for the final stop and the Rother Valley Sprint Triathlon. This was a really fun race, and i look forward to tackling it again some time when i don't have a chest infection! It's not very sensible racing when sick, but given that the entire holiday was conceived around the logistics of getting from Bala to this race, i thought i'd risk it. I just about managed to get a time which should be good enough to qualify for the Euros next year; Emily, on the other hand, somehow managed to get herself DQ'd from her third ever triathlon! Her account of her battle on the bike leg with a few other girls got me thinking that we need to look into keirin or maybe crits for her, rather than 'dull' non-draft TT!

Training Total: 16h:18m

Sep 17th-23rd:

Back in dry and sunny Crystal Palace, the 4th week before Auckland was the second Endurance Week (as defined in my Tri Geek plan as working on 'going long' and establishing race pace), which would take some effort to match the week before. Alongside the usual sessions, i threw in my first taste of Cyclocross with a go at the last round of the South London Cross League, down at the Herne Hill Velodrome. More about 'cross another time, but for now i can safely say that i'm totally hooked, and looking forward to focussing more on this sport one day!
uh oh just 2 weeks till showtime!
After ditching all of my old running shoes following the advice of the Podiatrist, i was itching to get my hands on a pair of Newton stability trainers. Luckily they were going for half price at the London Triathlon, so a quick trip up to the Excel Centre on the Sunday was soon followed by a pacey fartlek around Crystal Palace in the pissing rain. After three weeks of aqua jogging, it would have taken a monsoon to keep me from taking these for a test drive!

Training Total: 13h:37m

Sep 24th-30th:

Four weeks to go, and another well-earned recovery week. I took the chance to fit in a Bikram Yoga session, which was actually way tougher than i bargained for! I'm going to hit the hot yoga hard after Auckland (as the advice is to not touch the bike or running shoes for a month after the end of the season).

Training Total: 11h:06m

Oct 1st-7th:

This past week has been the first of two 'Competitive Stage' weeks, which are mainly key race pace sessions with a lot of brick training (a mix of at least two disciplines, like cycling and running, to help simulate the stresses the race with inflict). There is also no weight training from now on. Sticking to a hard training plan around long hours working in an investment bank isn't easy, and involved a couple of 5am starts in order to get a couple of hours on the bike before work. Given that i need to start getting my body clock onto New Zealand time, which is currently 11 hours ahead of the UK, it hasn't hurt to have a few early mornings with early nights.

The icing on this hard training cake was a 4.30am start this Sunday morning to ride an hour up the road to Hackney, for a race sharpener in the form of the London Fields Aquathlon, hosted by London Fields Tri Club. A nippy 400m in the Lido, followed by 5x1km loops around the Park, made for a good morning in hipsterville.
uh oh just 2 weeks till showtime!
I have decided to start chipping away at the jetlag whilst in my last week in Blighty, by setting my clock forward an hour a day. I'm already 2 hours in, which means my alarm is set for 3.45am for work tomorrow. Time will tell if i stick to this!

Training Total: 10h:43m
SwimSwim10h:45m (21%) 28.2km
BikeBike27h:35m (55%) 667.7km
RunRun5h:20m (11%) 63.1km
StrengthStrength6h:25m (13%) 0km
Stats for: Sep 10th 2012 to Oct 7th 2012 (28 days)
Total training time: 50h:05m:33s
Stats for: Sep 10th 2012 to Oct 7th 2012 (28 days)
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