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Splash, Spin, Stride - blog of a chocoholic tri girl
Splash, Spin, Stride - blog of a chocoholic tri girl
Hoping this blog will help me train more and eat less chocolate in my quest to complete a half ironman!

First tri of the season

rufusbearby rufusbearJun 12th 2013
The first triathlon of the season has been completed & I remember how much I love the buzz of them. Crystal Palace: my first experience of a pool swim, and not one I really wish to repeat! Supposedly, you tap the persons foot in front if you wish to overtake them. This worked fine with girls, however either men have no feeling in their feet, or I fear more likely, don¬'t like to be overtaken by a girl. After a few lengths of doggy paddling behind one rather large gentleman, I¬'m afraid the only course of action was to bulldoze over him. The bike went pretty well ¬- the hardest part being determining which of the 9 laps I was on. The run was hard work as my stomach was cramped the whole way around. I¬'d had an upset stomach since the previous day and doubted I¬'d make the start of the event, let alone the end, so I was happy to be able to maintain a steady, if slow pace around the track.

As a change to the usual training ground of Richmond, we followed some friends with a pricey bike satnav who took us up the famous Box Hill. I have to say I was a bit disappointed, not by the views, which were stunning, but by how easy it was ¬- we had expected blood, sweat and tears, and instead got to the top and said is that it?! I¬'ve heard there are some more challenging hills in the area so we¬'ll have to search them out next time. The day wasn¬'t without a few comedy moments. First, one of the girls got a flat tyre. I was most impressed as she pulled out a pump & spare inner tube (me having never thought to be so prepared since at Richmond, the car is never more than an hours walk away) and promptly switched over the tubes. However, as she tried to pump up the new tube all we could hear is wheezing air & eventually came to the conclusion this too was broken. Ten minutes later we were still no closer to getting back on the road and the nearby ice cream van was looking ever more tempting. Next we tried to pump up the old inner tube to try and patch the puncture, but could find no telltale hissing sound. Turns out the last time she had pumped up the tyre was several months ago. So we switched the tubes back and were on our merry way to the pub for a much deserved drink. Nice & refreshed, we hoped on our bikes to head home but having had no problems with my new clip-ins so far, I promptly fell over into a heap for no apparent reason. If there is a good place to have your first fall, it¬'s onto a grassy verge with a soft landing and only friends to laugh at you.

Other than that training for the big day has been going fairly well. Work sent me off to a 5* hotel for a few weeks so I took full advantage of the pool and spa (as well as the bountiful breakfasts of course!). I even managed to get in a few 10k runs whilst visiting family for a wedding and turns out 3 bacon rolls and tequila are a recipe for the fastest run time ever for my other half!

This weekend, I managed my longest ever run to date ¬- 2 laps around Richmond, which I believe is 26k. The first lap became torturous halfway round due to a stitch of unknown origin and I thought I¬'d have to abandon the plan; however by the 2nd lap it was bareable and by the end I was back to enjoying the run. The following day I did 5 laps on the bike then had to abandon as my left knee was hurting on each turn ¬- it¬'s happened the last 3 times I¬'ve been cycling; it doesn¬'t affect my running so not sure if total cycle rest is the cure or some gentle cycling is advisable ¬- any suggestions would be much appreciated!
Being sick sucks!
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