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Sam's IRONMAN Wales fundraising adventure
Sam's IRONMAN Wales fundraising adventure

Injury! :(

samfish01by samfish01Aug 3rd 2012
Off to physio now as after my morning swim calf is still not healed! :(
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Aug 3rd 2012 14:34
justalby member: justal, Aug 3rd 2012 15:08
Uh oh.... Same here I'm afraid with knee pain. I've go two cycling races to do at the weekend which I'm still hoping to do but if the knee is still sore on Monday I'm off to the physio as well.

Hope it all turns out well.

samfish01by blog author: samfish01, Aug 31st 2012 17:04
Hope it all went well Al - all the best!!
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