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original post by sarahleonard Sep 2nd 2012
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Antonioby member: Antonio, Sep 14th 2012 20:06
Cortisone? You sure that wasn't too strong? Well, guess if it works its fine :) I had a recurring injury in my left Achilles tendon, was about to get a cortisone injection but then one doctor told me to try something which if my memory doesn't fail he called mesotherapy. Basically a cocktail of medicines that were given just under the skin with some sort of injection gun.
by guest: , Sep 4th 2012 16:15
Yay! Good news, long may it continue...just be sure to ease yourself back.
sarahleonardby blog author: sarahleonard, Sep 2nd 2012 16:22
Thanks B! Good posture in and out of the pool will be an aim for me too. I am excited about working on this and the fact that I'll soon(ish) be able to try other stokes too!
bisceeezyby member: bisceeezy, Sep 2nd 2012 16:16
Look how happy you are! Great to hear you've got a hook on it at last.

The last six months I have been developing my 'other strokes' much more and have balanced my sessions more evenly across the full menu, to 'enrich' my game in the pool. I have suffered with my shoulders/neck in the past and have found this recent alteration has helped a lot. Striving for good posture/technique in these other strokes has given me extra aims and goals along the way, too.

Best of luck on your journey! I'd be interested to hear about how you go with the Alexander tech.

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