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It's snot what it looks like

sarahleonardby sarahleonardApr 11th 2012
But unfortunately it is a head cold! I've had this cold for ages now (2 months) is this the longest cold EVER recorded? I am in danger of being guinness world record holder for triathlete with the longest ever cold?????

They say that when a cold is above the neck that it's OK to train, but if it's below (the neck that is) then you should this still the accepted advice? I've been training a bit less to see if it will see itself off but it seems to want to stay. I must be a good host!
It's snot what it looks like
Tags: cold, record
doogiecby member: doogiec, Apr 19th 2012 13:02
hi, be careful. The same happened to me, a couple of years ago. I had a cold which wouldn't shift. I honestly thought it was bad hayfever. It turned out to be bronchitis. Which would'nt go away on it's own! So my advice is to get to the doctors :-)
PhilLby member: PhilL, Apr 20th 2012 22:07
Oi how do I add blogs to my watch list??
sarahleonardby blog author: sarahleonard, Apr 21st 2012 17:28
Hi Phil, Good to see you on here. Like your profile pic...are you a panda? I believe you click add to favourites under the blog that you want to add to your watch list.
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