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I'm trying this Triathlon thing with little knowledge or experience.

Good at cycling, alright at swimming and dire at running...This is going to be tough but I'm looking forward to it.

Hmm...wonder how my legs will feel tomorrow

sgbby sgbAug 11th 2009
This morning I cycled to the local beach and had a run. The cycle was very good, really got some pace going. The run was dreadful, couldn't even make 20 minutes.

Did some core exercises this evening and then some Yoga.

Have no idea what I'm doing so if anyone has any training, nutrition advice etc that would be fab.

Need to take the camera down next time, the beach looked gorgeous.

Hope I can keep this up!
AquaDaz7by member: AquaDaz7, Aug 15th 2009 02:45
Hey Sally,
Your doin great!
I remember those days of when I first started and being unsure of everything and struggling through a variety of workouts and yet feeling exhuberance over the smallest things!
You'll come to realise these could be the best days...with knowledge comes a whole lot of other emotions.
If you need some help, feel free to contact me and we can sort out a training program together.
Ive now been training and racing for 20years and even do this for a living, but happy to help you out as I remember thinking the same things as you when I first started.
Take care Sal.

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