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what have I done.
I have only ever done 1 ironman distace race before. This year I decided to employ a coach to see what I could achieve. In the past I have relyed on other peoples training to get me there. Having had an achillies heel injury for the past 6months training will start slow. I have a 15hrs 15mins goal to beat from last time. Its the same race so easier to compare times.

KFC or Run?

smartiepeteby smartiepeteApr 30th 2013
Ok, so todays lunch time dilemma. Should I go to KFC or do my run at lunch time.
KFC it is then. dirty food....mmmmm.
.........its ok, I went for my run when I got home after work.
Tags: food, kfc, lunch, run
ritatrisby member: ritatris, May 1st 2013 09:16
KFC??! Shocking...
4th run
smartiepeteby smartiepete Apr 7th 2013
ok. so i have done my 4th run/walk. I think that makes my running last week, to match my usual anual running. As you can probably guess I am not really a runner. When I first started triathlons I was mainly a cyclist. My aim was to improve my swimmin...
smartiepeteby smartiepete Apr 4th 2013
todays exercise was cadence training on rollers. So I haven't really usd my rollers in anger, well certainly not for an hours session. So how many things did I forget to do. a) no fan, and didn't set up near a window or open door. b) no water. c)...
first run.
smartiepeteby smartiepete Apr 1st 2013
ok. so i have not run for 6 months due to an achillies heel problem. after a couple of weeks walking in my training. today was the first day to include running. yes was nervous. just didn't want injury to go back wards. ran on grass. seems ok. no pa...
smartiepeteby smartiepete Mar 13th 2013
so by the time i got home from work it was 19:00, not the best time to be going out for an hours walk. but it wasn't as windy as monday night, think i was 4 mins quicker. bit late to be having tea when i got in too. i guess this is a taste of things...
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