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Can I be an Ironman by 40 ?
Can I be an Ironman by 40 ?
Having taken part in several pool based sprint events since starting out in 2009, I wanted to celebrate turning 35 by completing the Vitruvian in 2011...with a long term goal of completing an Ironman by the time I'm 40. I'll keep track of the trials and tribulations here.

2015 - the year that wasn't

tallguy76by tallguy76Dec 23rd 2015
It has been pretty much a full 12 months since I posted here, and it will come as no surprise to find that I didn't make it to the start line of either the Vitruvian or the Bristol - Bath marathon. The year started with me running a few of the local park runs with my 6 year old son which was great fun (although he might have only been doing it for the post-run breakfast) up until the point he broke his arm which required a 5 hour operation to plate and pin the unstable fracture.

Since May of this year I have been working away from home from Monday to Friday in Warwickshire, which has meant that I have had no excuse not to get out in the evening and exercise. Renting a room off a guy who has numerous Ironman and Half Ironman medals hanging on the wall of the front room was something I thought would be a bonus.

The middle of May saw me joining the Spa Striders for their Monday evening run, and despite the fact they were all "recovering" from the Cotswold Hilly 100 I was still left panting and wheezing at the back of the group as they ran around Leamington. I've not been back since...

A week or so later I joined my 'landlord' to take part in a 10 mile time trial (he was doing the 25 mile event), which with the ride there and back was a total distance of about 20 miles. The bike hasn't been out of the garage since...

I have however run a number of times - according to Strava I've completed 21 runs covering a massive 187km - which included the Two Tunnels Mini Challenge (5km, 10km and very tough (for me) half marathon), a couple of runs with work colleagues and some evening runs from Leamington to Warwick and back on a nice 6 mile circuit taking in the canal and a couple of parks.

Unfortunately my last run was at the beginning of October, when it felt like I had never run before in my life and it put me off completely. I've not worn my trainers in the past two months...

As a result of all this inactivity I'm not going to set myself any big goals for 2016 - I'm not going to meet my long term goal of Ironman by 40 anyway, but Max does want to start Park Running again so we shall see how we get on with that.
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