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Team THINK STRONG - Veronika Patty
Team THINK STRONG - Veronika Patty
I am a triathlete! I am also a mom and a wife, a boss, a coach, a student, a friend and a motivator and in every aspect of my life I choose to THINK STRONG! I am committed to control my thought process and choose to think only the thoughts that are productive and that will strengthen my spirit. I am dedicated to energize, empower and support others despite any circumstances.

Self Talk

teamthinkstrongby teamthinkstrongFeb 13th 2010
It has only been few weeks since I started training for my first Ironman and I find myself unfocused, disorganized and already playing the ┬"catch up game┬". I feel like I am trying to fit in one too many things each day and the pressure is starting to get to me. I know I can┬'t afford to loose too much training time, but having a full time job and being a Mommy and wife thins my focus quite a bit!
I never thought this will be an easy task, I knew how much time and effort goes into this kind of training but I guess I didn┬'t think of how much energy it will take out of me just to organize my day to be able to squeeze all of these workouts in.
So I guess it┬'s time for me to sit down, and get myself back on track before too much time is lost. It always amazes me how easy it is to loose focus and drive, but recognizing it early on is the key to the successful end result!
As I am sitting here trying to do some kind of ┬"self talk┬" I realize how much harder it is to think those positive and productive thoughts when we need them the most.
Whenever I find myself in the mindset where I doubt my abilities and lack motivation to achieve the goal I set for myself I tend to look back on my past accomplishments. I think of moments in my life where I felt similar to how I feel now. There have been many times when I felt I just don┬'t have what it takes, but ┬"somehow┬" manage to pull through and succeed.
We all can benefit from figuring out what this ┬"somehow┬" is and how do we recreate it again when needed. This ┬"somehow┬" is our blueprint of how to think strong, productive thoughts that will help us get back on track. This process then can be applied to any situation in our lives.
I don┬'t see any difference in the strategies I use as a mother, as a boss, or as an athlete preparing for Ironman competition. It is a challenge to keep the focus I need to be successful but what seems to be the most helpful is looking back at my own life.
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