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Ectomorph Triathlon Training
Ectomorph Triathlon Training
This is a blog for all those Ectomorphs out there who aren't getting the most from their training. I have stumbled upon a training routine that is finally developing power on the bike and run and i hope will convert into better performances this year. I'm not really an expert although I have been competing on and off for around 10 years now and have studied elements of sports training, nutrition etc. I'm really open to hear others thoughts and ideas on the subject.

6 month update on the ectomorph training plan

thinmanby thinmanAug 16th 2013
If you read my posts back in March you would know that I am trying to understand training for ectomorphs like myself. I had identified some training programmes and dietary requirements that might help me to improve both my power on the bike and in general strength and fitness.

So how have the last 6 months gone?
Well according to the scales I've dropped 2.2Kg, my % body fat has dropped by 1.6% to 14.9% and my muscle has increased by .9%. I have to admit this has plateaued for the past 3 months so I need to do some digging as my power has increased on the bike but this could be due to my reduced body weight (max effort has increased). The ideal would be to get my body fat down to about 13% at race weight with muscle up to 43-44%.
I did race a couple of times (a sprint and an olympic) and apart from a very poor run at the Bristol Tri I was happy with my return to racing.

What top 3 things have I done?
1. Consistency has been critical with each week consisting of between 6-9 hours of training mixing intensity with endurance but mainly concentrating on muscular endurance. I'm still to get the right balance for real consistent week in week out training but currently I'm trying a 2 weeks on 1 week easy with my intense sessions during the week and endurance work at the weekend.
2. Cross Fit has really helped both my core stability as well as overall strength and focus. The sessions are a perfect blend of pure power and strength-endurance and really helps put you in the mood for an all out effort. Russian kettle bell swings are a must as is 300m's of lunges, pure quad and glute workout!
3. More protein, I've really tried to increase the percentage of protein to around 40% and the amount of carbohydrates to 40%. I try to eat more carbohydrates on endurance training days and more protein on intense/cross fit days. As I said I need to investigate further as i have plateaued according to the scales but as I'm going harder I'm not overly concerned.

My new long term target is Age group qualification in 2 years time for the 40-45 age category and I have set improvement points at every 3 months until then so I'll update on my progress after the end of September which is my next test point.

Anyone got any great run/bike/swim strength-endurance sessions then let me know!
PeterLuffmanby member: PeterLuffman, Aug 26th 2013 15:08
If I read it correctly you want to put on some more muscle and lower your BF?

You should adopt the approach that Mo Farah did and work on increasing power with zero weight gain.

Before Mo started working with David McHenry he did no weight training, now he can squat 1.5 times his body weight for 6 reps after following some power cycles.

Lunging 200 metres will do nothing for your goal.
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