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Ectomorph Triathlon Training
Ectomorph Triathlon Training
This is a blog for all those Ectomorphs out there who aren't getting the most from their training. I have stumbled upon a training routine that is finally developing power on the bike and run and i hope will convert into better performances this year. I'm not really an expert although I have been competing on and off for around 10 years now and have studied elements of sports training, nutrition etc. I'm really open to hear others thoughts and ideas on the subject.

End of season comes into view

thinmanby thinmanSep 4th 2014
So another training year is about to come to an end with the Bala Olympic Triathlon this weekend being my last event. Since March training has been quite reasonable. I completed the Chester Deva Tri in 2hrs 47, did a 3 day charity ride which covered over 250 miles and thousands of meters of climbing. I've also finished the tough mudder which was harder than I thought and come through it all relatively unscathed. In total that is 2210 km on bike, run and swim. Injury wise I have slight knee pain but hey I'm still running so it's not that bad.
So my target for Bala is sub 2;45 as I have been able to improve the amount of running in comparison to earlier in the year and I have been working with Robbie on a Thursday night. After that a bit of rest and then back to crossfit and then building towards leige-Bastogne-Leige sportif and a middle distance with BAD tri later in 2015.
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