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tiggaby tiggaApr 23rd 2010
My first blog was also a kick start to life as a 'triathlete'... triathlete used fairly loosely here as I'm yet to do a triathlon. So it's more or less four weeks into some focussed training and what differences can I see?

This has been a nice surprise, getting into swimming in 2005 took forever and everytime I swam my arms felt like someone else arms sewn onto my shoulders by some learner surgeon... always tired and no control! I was expecting the same this time around, but have been pleasantly surprised by the progress. I can now knock out a session of 10x200's in 3:10's off 4mins, hell even more a surprise I can swim 500m as a warm and not feel like it was a time trial to do it. Out of 10 I'd rate my progress as 9. More than I could have expected, only loosing a point cos I am only swimming twice a week and sometimes I feel like I should be putting another 'easy' technique session in.

After the start I had to the year at Clumber, it's probably the discipline I'm least concerned about, and know the most about getting myself into decent shape. I'm often asked how I train... to HR? or speed? intervals? Well to be perfectly honest I don't have a set pattern, but what I do do is monitor my heart rate especially average for my key sessions and my first 2-3 weeks of consistent training is the benchmark to how much harder I can and am willing to push. My method is quite boring really, it requires a course I ride regularly and can push the pace... after the key sessions I'll over analyse the numbers versus how I felt and determine how more I can physically do the following week. I have found a distinct link to the number of hours I sleep to just what I can put my body through in a bike ride. If I get two nights of 8 hours sleep a night my body can handle a huge amount of punishment... 2-3 hours of solid rides and feel strong throughout. Cut that sleep by two hours and I'll only be able to maintain for 90mins max and then my running is pants too. So my focus has been getting more sleep, and that normally goes hand in hand with decent riding. So far so good... My ride last night was key session and I managed five laps of Richmond park at around 17min laps and kept the HR under 150 for the first 3 laps, and as it got quicker I was still in control and dipped under 17mins and HR just over 150. For anyone that trains in the park it's a tricky 11km loop, and can be quite busy. So a mark out of 10... probably 7. I could do more, but as I said in my first entry Ironman is my main aim and I still feel it's a bit too early to be doing any IM intensity long rides. So I'm happy with where I am, after Bala however... more sleep, and longer riding at pace. hahahaha Jess (my better half;-) ) already sees herself as a Ironman widow!

I was a bit disappointed in my Clumber performance I felt like I was running better than that at the time. So i took a few weeks of just easy running, no intensity just 10-12km runs at 4min/km or thereabouts. No HRM, just how I felt on the day, no long runs either. At the beginning of last week I decided it's time to start my Bala specific prep and have begun a 4-5 week phase of long runs and track sessions, a slow introduction but I've adapted quite well and my body has absorbed a lot of punishment and touch wood... no injuries, just some tired old legs. A mark out of ten, also a 7... I did what I wanted, and even though I did not do anything intense after Clumber, my sessions are fairly swift and my long run is done are a fair whack too.

So what does that all mean? I'm not sure really, other than I'm injury free, I'm pushing the body, I'm definitely getting strong and handling the punishment I'm throwing at my body... So it is still looking good for a good start to my triathlon racing in the UK.

My past week, and next two weeks look some thing like this:

Mon: Easy spin on the bike 1hour (18-20miles) + Swim set, total of 3000m-3200m and building up
Tue: am Hard 60min ride +20-30mins either side of that. pm is track running this week was 8x1000m with 1min rest start with 3:18, simply get faster is the aim, finished with a 3:10
Wed: am 60-75min steady ride to work. Run 10km in 40min at lunch. pm ride 60-75min steady home
thur: am ride 1 hour easy (18-20mile) Lunch run 10km, running negative split, 20min 1st 5km, 18min 2nd 5km. pm solid 2:15-2:30 ride ramp the pace up for 90mins
Fri: am Swim easy set totals 2200-2400m + Gentle ride 5km to gym/work/home
Sat: Big bad brick... 150-180km steady with some mates with 45-50min run (11-13km) off the bike. Key is the run, not bike right now
Sun: Long run at 4min/km up to 23km now, should hit 26-28km over the next 3 weeks + easy 30min swim

Amongst all that... eat lots, sleep more!

If your training is going as well as mine, it's going to be an awesome season!!

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