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timPby timPDec 4th 2018
Strange times at the Team Pocock household, complete loss of mojo!

From the middle of August any sort of training has been a real effort and to be honest undertaken half-heartedly. The couch and TV have both seemed much more appealing and as a result racing weight is a dim and distant memory.

We were both racking our brains to try and pin down the reason(s), probably overthinking it in fact. Pretty sure the answer is simple enough - boredom and lack of enjoyment.

Without realising it we had fallen into a fixed routine without any new stimulus to excite us and make us grow. The gym sessions that had initially had a most wonderful effect had become stale and a chore rather than a physical and mental challenge. The cardio especially the running had become a frantic push for quantity completely forgetting the need for quality ending up with junk mile after junk mile.

What was easy was rationalising where we were, it’s amazing how prolific excuses become when the training isn’t quite hitting the mark. It is also very easy to be too optimistic about your state of preparation despite all of the evidence around you.

But the killer was that it had stopped being fun, training had become like school homework or revising for exams, constantly on our minds and a necessary evil rather than an exciting part of journey to achieving or exceeding our goals.

The end result was that the events we did enter weren’t enjoyable and we didn’t perform at anywhere near our potential, the DNF at The Wall being the “icing on the cake”.

So the year has been a complete disaster then?

Not at all, it has provided the kick up the pants that we obviously needed. Even with over 110 years of life experience between us it just goes to show how easy it is to become complacent! We have been given the opportunity to learn and we are grasping it with both hands.

So the plan for 2019 is very, very simple - focus on having fun and try different things, both in training and the events that we enter.

The training that we have done over the past few weeks is already noticeably different with the emphasis on quality rather than setting strict time or distance goals. To shake things up even more we have changed gyms so that we can focus on a dedicated complimentary regime rather than a bit of everything.

Initially we need to get ourselves back into some form of shape and then we can start looking at some events in 2019 to take on. Hopefully at least a few of them will make us just a little bit scared. Our one commitment so far is to join Bristol and District Triathletes on their trip to Challenge Almere. If that is half as good as the Challenge Copenhagen trip in 2011 then we are in for a good weekend.

So there you go, things don't always go to plan but I guess life would be pretty boring if they did. Time to get moving again and start having fun.
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