I thought I'd Tri
I thought I'd Tri
Middle aged woman remembers she used to be fit, but 22 years on, 2 kids and a career it may be a vivid memory in the mind but a distant one in the body!

Race one since starting TriBlogs

treemadby treemadJul 15th 2014
So Becca (my daughter) and I set off lunch time on Saturday and drove to Burnham and checked in to our Hotel.

Once we had put bikes in Hotel storage had Afternoon tea and then investigated the Gym (the photos were not good representation so we decided not to bother. We had a high protein good meal in the restaurant and an early night. Alas bunking with 14 yr old daugher was not successful as far as my sleep quality was concerned.

After about 3-4 hours sleep we woke, had a fab brekkie and drove to Dorney Lakes at around 11.

My Sprint-ish wave was first, the lake was 21 deg so debating wet suit, but erred on the cautious side. Becca's Novice race was 50 minutes later.

The swim is not my preferred leg, but for the first time I didn't do it all in breast Stroke, I had built confidence with new slower stroke rate and so I gave it a try. I managed about half in freestyle but navigating and spotting was tricky. I exited (not in last place) 54/89 :) and then lots a few places on T1 (3:11) but my legs were dead trying to get out of the wet suit.

In the bike leg the wind on the out leg was so strong my computer registered 19kph, but on the return leg it was 37kph. The stats showed I completed this 21.2k in 50:35 only seconds more than i did 19.2 on the same track in September last year, and regained the lost positions to exit at 53/89. T2 (2:17) was a little better and I retained 53 going into the run. Running any distance is not my strong point and I hoped to match my 38 minutes on the same course last September, but in fact I completed it at 35:35, with a big push sprint at then end finishing in position 63 out of 89, whereas last year I finished last.

Overall I was delighted but still the run is likely to be the leg I can make the most improvement in. If I managed to run it all it would be a massive leap in time. The work continues.

Finish time ...good, but difficult to compare with same course 9 month ago, but extrapolating an expected swim of 23 plus what I did plus rationalising for a longer cycle and i would have completed it in 1:53:10 vs last year 1:58:59 over 5 minute improvement. :)
Race one since starting TriBlogs
Race one since starting TriBlogs
Race one since starting TriBlogs
Two weeks in
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